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Ron Wamala

Driver, Chauffeur and Company Owner

Ron Wamala with wife Beth and son Josiah

The Wamala Family: (from right) Ron, Beth and Josiah

I’m Ronald Wamala and I’m so glad you’ve found my website.  Whether you’re a passionate or budding wine connoisseur, or just want to explore Oregon’s scenic Willamette Valley, Luxury Ride for You is the smart choice for custom wine tours.

I established Luxury Ride for You in 2016, and I live in Beaverton with my wife, Elizabeth, and my busy toddler, Josiah.

Thanks to my years of experience as a professional driver, I know the highways and byways in Portland and the Willamette Valley like the back of my hand. I also have a spotless driving record and am a true “people” person who delights in sharing the beauty of Oregon’s wineries and their amazing wines.

A little about Ron Wamala:

  • Lived in Portland for 15 years, and he considers himself a local.
  • Owned a restaurant called Safari Restaurant in Portland with a focus on mediterranean cuisine and learned how to pair the right wine with the right food. This is where Ron’s passion for wine developed.
  • Ron has been in the transportation industry for over 10 years with a perfect driving record. You are in safe hands when you book your wine tour with Luxury Ride For You.
  • Ron is married to Beth Livingston and they have a 2 year old son named Josiah. He is the bundle of their joy.
  • Ron enjoys having fun; he is very social and easy to talk to.
  • Please Call Ron for your next wine tour — 503-333-4171.

Hiring a professional driver for a day of visiting tasting rooms means that you can enjoy wine without the danger of drinking and driving, or the difficulty of navigating unfamiliar roads. And because I use only luxury SUVs, your comfort and safety are assured.

Ron Wamala with a tour vehicle.

Ron Wamala, owner of the Luxury Ride For You.

In short, Luxury Ride for You is all about your safety, comfort and enjoyment. I’m looking forward to meeting you and creating a custom tour for a truly memorable day of wine tasting.

Warm regards,
Ron Wamala


Stoller Family Estate Tasting Room

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