Wine Tour Services

Safety is our priority and 5-star customer service is our promise to you.

We can customize your wine tour to meet your needs and personal tastes. Review our free complimentary wine tour services, and then call us to book your wine tour.

Complimentary services we offer during your tour:

Photography Service During Your Tour


Keep the fun memories. Photos upon request.

Feel free to ask Ron to take your pictures on your phone or camera during the tour. A picture is worth a thousand words and its part of creating a lasting memory.

Landscaping in the Willamette valley is perfect and the views are breath taking. So take advantage of this complimentary photo service to create your own memories as you have fun tasting wine.

Loading and Shipping Wine

wines packed for shipping

We load and pack your wine purchases.

Guests often want to buy and ship a box or two of good wine to their home or their friends.

At Luxury ride, we load your wine, pack it to your specification and transport it to your hotel or mail room where it is shipped to the destination/address of your choice.

Dinner Drive to Best Restaurants in Town

wine tour group at dinner

Happy guests playing Jinga.

Ron is a local. He has lived in the Willamette Valley for 15 years. He knows the best places to eat and he knows how to get there through the back roads if the freeway is congested with traffic.

He will take you to the restaurant of your choice and drive you back to your hotel, BB, home or wherever you are staying.

Call Ron and Beth at 503-333-4171 and we will customize your wine tour specifically for you and your small or medium size group.

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